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BRANDS – Moving into a new segment, how we’re assisting ABUS and their expansion into new parts of the MTB market

We’ve been working with ABUS since 2018 and from the start our mission was clear; supporting developing their product range and the move into a new segment – the full-face helmet market. Throughout the years, we’ve assisted the world-renowned German home & mobile security brand with exactly this wish and we’re excited to see what lies in store for the future.

ATHLETES – Matching the right names with the right message

In order to expand and renew their existing helmet range, we were tasked with not just finding the right faces for the brand, but also the right character with the necessary motivation. We found this in two of the world’s most renowned freeriders, known from video segments in classics like Cranked and New World Disorder. We’re talking about Cedric Gracia and Richie Schley.

Additionally, we’ve worked on expanding their athlete roster within the MTB segment and assisted in bringing Max Schumann, Micayla Gatto, Steffi Marth and Gabriel Wibmer to the brand, further helping grow their footprint within different MTB sectors.

CONTENT CREATION – From crafting concepts to producing campaign launch videos

One of our goals for our cooperation with ABUS was renewing their outward appearance when it came to the MTB market and bring it closer to the core audience. Since our first content production in 2018 which took place in Utah, we’ve also completed productions, both video & photo, in France, Austria, Germany and on the island of La Palma, which was one of our biggest ABUS projects to date and the results of which will be published in the coming months.

PR & MARKETING – Putting the word out to the right people

With all the work being done with regards to athletes and content creation, it would be a shame if the public didn’t see all of the results that came from that.

Breaking out into a highly saturated market segment makes what you do more important than ever. We had our work cut out for us when it came to building brand trust and brand awareness, especially as ABUS wasn’t yet well-known in the gravity MTB segment (enduro, downhill, freeride). Using their position within the road riding and racing segment and building upon that, we successfully executed numerous PR campaigns, renewing brand recognition and letting the right people know that ABUS is serious about their expansion.

Pictures by Piotr Staron.