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At Rasoulution we connect 
& Industry Leaders

Brand Activation
Consulting & Partnerships

At RASOULUTION, we connect brands, ambassadors, influencers, creators and industry leaders. Whether you’re looking for an innovative brand launch strategy, ideas for your next product launch, sales campaign or are on the hunt for the perfect ambassador to represent your brand, we’re here to help.

Within brand communications and public relations, we know how to generate dialogue and buzz, both off- and online. We take your brand values and build a unique approach around it – from website texts to advertising campaigns.

For every project, we dive deep into your brand – from market analysis and growth opportunities to identifying target groups and media strategy in order to connect you with the right people to collaborate with.

With over 15 years of experience within the bike industry and a carefully curated global network of partners, including opinion leaders, brands, media hubs, athletes and influencers

PR & Communications

If your brand has a story to share, we know who should know about it. Our PR team make sure your message is told in a creative manner, weaving a story around your brand or your services.  

We make sure your voice is heard, by the right people and in the right tone, both in print and online.  

Through our extensive media work, we have the ability to generate word of mouth in the markets that matter most to you. From concept & strategy to establishing media partnerships and editorial tours, RASOULUTION is YOUR competent partner. 

We don’t only work on PR & Communications from our Munich office. If you require our skills on-site at your event in order to manage media work directly, such as press conferences, Q&A’s or product presentations, just let us know and we will be happy to support you.

Content Production

A picture says a thousand words, and that’s exactly why what you’re showing to consumers’ needs to impress, to be unique, to be relatable and to be able to generate the new “talk of the town.”

We bring your brand, product and values together with the best creative minds and creators in the industry and work together to bring your ideas to life!

We link together years of experience in digital and traditional media production, on both sides of the lens.

From concept to execution, we can do full media productions in-house and help elevate your brand to the next level.

Social Media Management

Transform your online presence with our full-service social media management. From ensuring high-quality content which carries the right message to stimulating, on-point copywriting and ongoing trend research, we help grow your business online – both organically and ad-driven, which will help create a direct connection between your brand and the audience that you want to reach. 

You work hard to provide your services and product to consumers around the world, so we return the favor – making sure your business is operating on a top-notch level when it comes to social media – from Facebook to TikTok and Instagram to YouTube.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and the scene – putting us right at the heart of relevant target groups.

Talent Management
& Sports Marketing

We pride ourselves on being able to spot talent early, and to nurture this talent moving forward. Connecting the right talent with the right brand and product is key.

We represent some of the world’s best Mountain Bike athletes that have proven themselves time and time again within their respective disciplines.

We help athletes navigate through the expanding bike industry and work with them to find the right brands that create lasting partnerships between brand and athlete.

Working with the right talent multiplies the amount of people that see and talk about your product and it creates new partnerships and sales opportunities for your brand, with athletes acting as a link between different sides of the industry and your customers.

On our side, RASOULUTION ensures that the talent you work with sends the right message into the world when it comes to their online and offline presence, and we visualize it with detailed reports.

Event Management

An event is the perfect way to showcase your brand and your values to consumers you’re trying to reach.

From the first event idea to the brand-related event concept with a tailored communication strategy and the implementation of the event on-site – with RASOULUTION you get everything from one hand. 

Whether you are looking for a suitable venue, an event team or the right event marketing concept, we will support you in realizing your event, which will be talked about for years to come.