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In addition to spectacular slopestyle action, an unbelievable 120,000 spectators and a firework display of world’s firsts, the Red Bull District Ride 2022 also had one more novelty: For the first time in the history of the Nuremberg-based urban freeride event, five women were giving their everything on the breathtaking course between Kaiserburg and Hauptmarkt. The Red Bull TV video “Women’s Progression Session” tells their story.

Caroline Buchanan (AUS), Gemma Corbera (ESP), Patricia Druwen (GER), Kathi Kuypers (GER) and Ellie Chew (NZL) made up the quintet that was allowed to practice on an FMB Diamond mountain bike slopestyle course for the first time in history. As part of the official training sessions, the five female riders had the opportunity to prove their skills on what is probably the most spectacular slopestyle course in the world, to train with the best male riders in the world and to improve their own riding through mutual exchange. During the three days on site, they were able to tackle the various obstacles and try out what is possible at their own pace and without the pressure of competition.

Kathi Kuypers and Caroline Buchanan are seen during Red Bull District Ride 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany on September 1, 2022 // Wayne Reiche / Red Bull Content Pool // SI202209010885 // Usage for editorial use only //

The highlight for the five women was definitely the actual attendance in the Best Trick Contest of the Red Bull District Ride 2022 on Nuremberg’s packed main market. After several thrilling runs on the Big Air Jump, with Suicide No Handers, Caroline attempting a frontflip or Ellie attempting a Backflip Nac Nac, it was Gemma Corbera, who finally decided the contest with a backflip.

“Being part of the Red Bull District Ride was great. The best thing was being able to train with the guys again and have these insane jumps that I don’t have at home. The atmosphere between the riders was good as always and it was an incredible experience to ride in front of such a big crowd. I really enjoyed tackling the big jumps and I truly hope there will be more slopestyle events for women soon.” – Patricia Druwen

“The atmosphere during the Red Bull District Ride was great between us. I love riding with the girls and hanging out together, we were supporting each other and pushing each other’s levels the whole time. I’ve been dreaming about this event my whole life, and it’s made me realize that I have to keep chasing my dreams. I hope for more events like this!” – Gemma Corbera

About Red Bull District Ride

The Red Bull District Ride is the biggest urban Mountain Bike slopestyle event in the world, taking place in the old city center of Nuremberg, Germany. Highlights of the Red Bull District Ride are the Best Trick Contest on Friday evening and the Slopestyle Contest on Saturday, where the world’s best 15 MTB slopestyle riders compete.

The Red Bull District Ride follows a course from the Kaiserburg to the Hauptmarkt, where the grand finale takes place with the Big Air Jump in the heart of Nuremberg. The course leads right through the old town and is divided into five different districts, which each requires different skills from the riders. The Red Bull District Ride doesn’t feel like a pure slopestyle or freeride contest as it also includes a few elements of skate park riding, but with big jumps, drops and step-downs. A highlight in every athlete’s calendar, the Red Bull District Ride is always the scene of thrilling action and various tricks that have never been seen before, so-called “world’s firsts” on the mountain bike.

After 2005, 2006, 2011, 2014 and 2017, where 80.000 people attended the event, the Red Bull District Ride took place for the sixth time this year, attracting over 120,000 visitors. Joining the ranks of the previous winners Aaron Chase (USA), Cam McCaul (USA), Sam Pilgrim (GBR), Brandon Semenuk (CAN) and Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) was Swedish rider Emil Johansson in 2022. As a Diamond Event, the Red Bull District Ride is part of the Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour.

Gemma Corbera performs a Backflip during Red Bull District Ride 2022 Best Trick in Nuremberg, Germany on September 2, 2022 // Wayne Reiche