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ATHLETES – Thomas Genon’s Mine Line.

Thomas Genon aka Tommy G, known for one of the best styles in mountain biking is on his way to his 9th consecutive Red Bull Rampage.

Tommy showcases his proven track record for creating artistic content in his latest video project, Mine Line. Here he uses his unique riding style to pay homage to his heritage. In the heart of his Belgian roots, Mine Line sees Tommy showing his gratitude for his great-grandfather in a way only he could!

Ancestor veneration is one of the most widespread spiritual practices in the world. It is celebrated differently in different cultures, but in general, there is nothing better than honoring your history by doing what you do best.

Mine Line is all about friendship, hard work, and open-mindedness. Values that bring us to Genon’s hometown, Liège, Belgium, also home to one of the four authentic coal mines in Europe.

Tommy shows his excellent riding close to his origin by building and riding with friends in his city’s coal mine on the mine’s slag heap.

“When I look back on this project, what stands out the most are the weeks I spent with my friends, building, riding, and shooting. It was a great experience that will remain a memory of happy moments with my friends.

The idea came up some time ago, but it took a while to become a reality. Also, the fact that it was where I grew up and having my family around was amazing. The project itself is something that takes me back a few generations and is much more meaningful.” – Thomas Genon.

Two of the most well-known names in action sport filmmaking were a big part of this project: Rupert Walker, a filmmaker from Victoria, BC, and Clay Porter from California.

Rupert is known for dropping some undeniably skilled clips, both as a biker and a filmmaker. Working on various projects within the MTB scene, he frequently creates content with legends like Brandon Semenuk. Most recently releasing the amazing work of Parallel, Rupert has shown once again his talent and creativity in the latest project with Thomas Genon.

Behind the other lens was Clay Porter. Since the age of 17, Porter has dedicated his life to filmmaking, with projects all over the world. Clay has contributed to the progress of the sport with each new release and by creating films such as Deathgrip.

“Rupert is my favorite person in the world to work with. It’s the best thing in the world any time you get to work with a creative partner that you really respect.” – Clay Porter.

“It’s always good when projects go well, and you can finish without anyone getting hurt. You get to stick all the shots. I’m very happy to work with Clay, he’s like one of my best friends, and he inspires me a lot.” – Rupert Walker.

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