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A quick look into Fabio Wibmer’s creative process

Ever since the release of “Home Office”, the name Fabio Wibmer is usually said in the same breath as the word ‘creative’. The young Austrian is known for his ability to see things from a different perspective, as well as approaching new projects in a unique way. But what exactly sparks the creativity of the two-wheeled superstar? Fabio sat down to talk about his creative process, how to overcome mental barriers and gives some valuable insight on how to shape your creative mind.

“Thinking different was probably the most important thing for my career. To be unique, not doing what everyone else is doing. If you’re different – if you’re doing something cool that you’re proud of, if you’re really passionate about something, sooner or later people will like it or take notice. That really motivates me and drives me to keep pushing.” – Fabio Wibmer

Watch the full video “Home Office” here.

Picture by Hannes Berger.

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