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Video: Tomomi Nishikubo’s BIKE Pentathlon

The eyes of the international sports world are currently resting on Japan, the home of trial bike magician and YouTuber Tomomi Nishikubo. With so much concentrated sports power right on his doorstep, the bike phenom can’t help but lace up his sports shoes himself. In his latest YouTube clip “Tomomi Nishikubo’s BIKE Pentathlon”, the 29-year-old competes in his very personal pentathlon:

“I have always been a huge fan of big international sports events and festivals. This video, my BIKE Pentathlon is my way of acknowledging this. It’s my tribute to the sport – with twinkle in the eye.” – Tomomi Nishikubo

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Header Picture: Satoshi Saijo / @satoshi.saijo

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