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ATHLETES – Thomas Genon is ready for 10th consecutive appearance at Red Bull Rampage

Thomas Genon, aka Tommy G, will be making his 10th consecutive appearance at Red Bull Rampage on 13 October. The Belgian rider shows exceptional regularity, with 7 top 10 finishes to his account. A week ahead of the world’s biggest freeride event, he gives his impressions and reveals a few details and a first clip from Utah, by Jules Langeard.

Above you can watch Tommy’s preparations for Red Bull Rampage, including the first day of digging in Virgin.

Tune in on Friday October 13th at 17:15 UTC+2 to watch Thomas Genon LIVE at Red Bull Rampage

How was your first Red Bull Rampage experience and what did you think after you left the event?I was completely lost and uninformed about what was going on out there. At the time, there was no one I knew who told me how the event was organized and how to train. It took me a while before I felt like training and coming back stronger!

Tommy, you’ll be taking part in your tenth consecutive Rampage. What are your feelings one week before the event?Every year I look forward to it more and more. I realize how lucky we are to have an event like this for our sport! I can’t wait to see how I improve.

You’ve managed 7 top 10 finishes since 2013. With the experience you’ve gained over the years, how have you modified your preparation?

Preparation for Rampage is very specific. My approach to the line I plan to ride changes every year too. This year I spent most of my time on my freeride bike, whereas before I spent more time on my slopestyle bike.

Or modified and adapted your equipment (suspension, wheels…)?Not really any big changes apart from a single crown fork!

Which bike will you ride in 2023? What will be your Bike-Setup (suspension setup, single crown or double crown, air shock or coil, tire choice…) for this year?Single crown this year! Hard-tuned bike (model Canyon Torque al 27.5) with not much suspension rebound. 2.4 tire  and with a higher pressure than usually. In short, the bike only works well in Utah.

What makes this contest so difficult and special for you?I love the fact that we all come from different backgrounds, we all have a different vision of our line and that’s what makes freeriding so interesting. The only common goal is: “go big or go home”.

Do you have any special habits for Rampage? Do you listen to music? Any lucky charms?Morning workouts are for warming up and visualizing the run. After that I relax and try to stay calm. Music helps. I will do a Rampage playlist. I don’t watch too many runs before me. It can be stressful to see others as stressed as I am, haha.

Let’s talk about lines and shapers: What have you planned for this year’s Rampage and who have you brought to support you (diggers, filmmaker, photographer, etc)?I’ve got my housemate Jules Langeard who’ll be there to film, and Louis Reboul and Paul Couderc to help me on the line. We’re all good buddies and we’ll be in good spirits.

In ten consecutive Rampage participations you have seen it all. You’ve seen all the brilliant runs and all the gnarly crashes. Which Rampage run do you consider the most outstanding ever?For me, a good run on this event is a complete run. That is to say, with complicated sections to go down, tricks on big sets up, style and creativity. There were a lot of good runs, but I’m thinking of Brendan Fairclough (in 2019) and all the Lacondeguy runs.


Words by Thomas Genon.
All images by Jules Langeard ©