Gabriel Wibmer Shreds His Local Trails in New All Mountain Style Video

Who doesn’t know the amusing, action-packed clip ‘Late for School’, in which Gabriel Wibmer sleeps in, rides to school in a spectacular way, only to discover that it’s Sunday? Gabriel’s personal bestseller has received more than nine million YouTube views to date. In his latest clip, produced together with his new partner All Mountain Style (AMS), the 18-year old bike-talent shreds his local trails in Osttirol in a spectacular way and shows some stunning tricks.

For Gabriel it’s easy to answer the question “What are your plans for today?”. I’m going to ride. His bike belongs to him like the shoes on his feet and he rides his bike every chance he gets. In his last year at school and with graduation in sight, the 18-year old is planning to focus completely on riding very soon.

In his latest clip, the AMS Ambassador jumps on his bike and sets off to ride the rocky trails. As soon as Gabriel is on his bike he is fully “in the zone” and shows his love of the trails with speed and some challenging tricks. From Whips to Tabletops, to No-Handers and even a Backflip – Gabriel shows a great variety of tricks on his home trails in Bikepark Lienz and at the Grossglockner as he becomes one with his bike. Having the perfect surroundings and trails close to his home he is able to enjoy riding to the fullest.

Gabriel had a blast shooting his new video: “I have known AMS for several years. They make really cool products and I’m very impressed how good they look on my bike. Video shoots are always great and those two days were sick. Together with the crew I had a lot of good times on and off the trails; we knew exactly what we wanted to capture which makes my life a lot easier! I really enjoyed riding my home trails in Osttirol and it was cool to hit the jumps and berms. The more I ride those trails, the better they become. I think there are a few cool tricks in the video and some of them I landed first try which stoked me.”

“Riding with Mini Gabriel, who you see in the video looking like a miniature body double, was really cool. To see younger riders following their dreams and sending it, completed a perfect day on the trails for me”, added Gabriel.