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Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide – The Legend of Tommy G

Talent Management & PR

Every kingdom needs its legends and who better to answer this call for the Bike Kingdom Lenzerheide than Belgian rider Thomas Genon. Spending lots of time in Switzerland, he welcomed this new role with open arms, building upon his own legend with the support of no one less than Anthill Films.

RASOULUTION's history with Lenzerheide as well as Anthill Films goes way back, so putting those two parties together with one of our athletes was icing on the cake for us. Collaborating closely with both Lenzerheide and Anthill Films meant we had our work cut out for us. Starting with talent management and coordination between athlete, production crew and tourism client, and accompanying the project all the way until launch, we also carried out the public relations and media work surrounding the online premiere of the video.

To watch the main video, click here and if you want a look behind the scenes of what it takes to put such a production together, check out this video by Canyon.

All photos shot by Sterling Lorence.

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