BIKE24 Summer Tour

When briefed on BIKE24’s objectives to grow closer to the community and promote its core values and expertise, RASOULUTION’s response was to jointly develop an itinerant event concept which could deliver a vast range of brand experiences across the most important target markets in Europe and takes place over several summer months (May to September).


The proposed solution was to bring BIKE24 on the road, which would have enabled them to work with a broad network of assets such as existing event, bike destinations, ambassadors, strategic partnerships, and social media content. The “BIKE24 Summer Tour“ was born as a user-friendly experience for everybody to connect with the brand on their local ground.


The result was achieved through high number of relevant consumer interactions and positive brand association, as well as newly identified local ambassadors, all of which contributed to reaching a top-of-mind status for BIKE24 in the targeted markets.

Red Bull Copenride

After getting a call from Red Bull Denkmark, RASOULUTION organized one of the best comebacks possible: Red Bull Copenride – a new FMB Gold Event in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark.For us, this meant work as event and athlete management, ranging from everything to course design, permits, rider invitations, sponsor acquistion and more.

Organizing a mountain bike contest on one of the flattest countries on earth is no easy feat. After the confirmation of the course’s initial design, our team coordinated both construction teams (wood and dirt), to build one of the biggest urban slopestyle courses ever seen.

A contest is nothing without contenders. Our team got in touch with the FMBA to set the event status, rules, judges and contact the riders. Gathering athletes from around the globe during a pandemic was a challenge. RASOULUTION studied each of the athletes’ personal situations (travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, etc.) to make sure they could not only attend the contest, but do it with the minimum amount of stress so that they could fully focus on the contest.

Aaron Gwin’s Downhill Race Clinic

Aaron Gwin__Saalfelden_Leogang_by_Sebastian_Sternemann 185

Saalfelden Leogang came to us with a question: how can we connect professional Downhill racing with our Epic Bikepark Leogang customers?

Our answer: bring one of the world’s best Downhill racers to the bike park and have him share his knowledge with some passionate downhill riders in a two-day race clinic and create a once in a lifetime experience for the attendees. Skills like line choice, race speed, bike maintenance and others were part of the workshop.

Since Aaron Gwin was the one that entertained the bike world with a legendary victory at one of Leogang’s World Cup races without a chain, we chose to work with the multiple UCI Downhill World Cup Champion. We looked after the talent management, the planning of the two-day workshop as well as a video production with the world-class Downhill athlete which was his “Day Off” from competition, right after racing a World Cup the day before in what he calls his favorite bike park.

Check out the videos below and scroll down to see a gallery of photos, shot by Sebastian Sternemann.

Red Bull District Ride – Event


Red Bull District Ride is the world’s most unique Freeride Mountain Bike event. Held in the historic city of Nuremberg, Germany, it takes the big jumps of a Slopestyle course away from the mountains and puts them in the middle of an urban environment, drawing well over 80,000 fans from all over the world to the city center of Nuremberg.

Throughout the years, RASOULUTON has been the foundation of Red Bull District Ride, taking care of everything; the general concept, sportive format, course design, course build coordination, sports direction and executing the competition, including managing riders, course marshals, judges, and media.

Take a trip through the history of Red Bull District Ride with this highlight gallery.