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BIKE24 Summer Tour

Brand Consulting, Event Management, Talent Scouting

When briefed on BIKE24's objectives to grow closer to the community and promote its core values and expertise, RASOULUTION's response was to jointly develop an itinerant event concept which could deliver a vast range of brand experiences across the most important target markets in Europe and takes place over several summer months (May to September).


The proposed solution was to bring BIKE24 on the road, which would have enabled them to work with a broad network of assets such as existing event, bike destinations, ambassadors, strategic partnerships, and social media content. The “BIKE24 Summer Tour“ was born as a user-friendly experience for everybody to connect with the brand on their local ground.


The result was achieved through high number of relevant consumer interactions and positive brand association, as well as newly identified local ambassadors, all of which contributed to reaching a top-of-mind status for BIKE24 in the targeted markets.

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