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Behind the Scenes of the Drop & Roll Knee Slide

During his previous Archive episodes Danny MacAskill made us realize how much effort goes into each of his banger moves. Sometimes a five second segment took several months of preparation and hundreds of fails. In his fourth episode Danny explains the risk and struggles behind the hippy hop knee slide from the 2015 movie “This is Drop & Roll”. After already having modified his bike and his shoes, it was only a matter of the right timing but at the end the whole team had to pull a night shift till Danny finally made the trick happen.

“In that night I definitely went through a lot of different emotions. After a few hundred goes I was starting to doubt whether or not it was possible for me to land it, but you just have to persevere. The key is believing that the next time it’s the one that you gonna land.”

Photo by © Rutger Pauw

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