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Video: Emil Johansson’s “Empty Spaces”

During winter, Heby Skatepark is a regular ride spot for Emil. He has been riding there since 2015 and already filmed there for “XXII.XI”. We’ve had a chat with Emil about tricks being ready to show to the public via video as well as the difference between filming and contest:

Your style is often referred to as effortless, but every trick takes time to perfect. At what stage do you consider a trick “ready to film”?

Emil Johansson: Good question, there is not really a stage where I say this trick is done or perfected to a 100% but there is a time when I can be pleased with how it looks that I feel like it is ready to be filmed. During a process of filming, I am sometimes trying out tricks that does not make the end cut just cause I am not pleased enough with how it looks yet… tricks are difficult to perfect and they never really get easier, you just get better at them.

Similar to putting together a film part, your contest runs are very methodical and equally complicated. Do you go through a similar process to building a video part when working out a contest run?

Emil Johansson: They have common areas but putting together a video can be more relaxing in the way that you can build it and put it together however you want, while on a contest course you need to get everything done in a row on a set time on a set course that someone else built, even if it might be super windy… all those things come in to play when putting together a contest run. While in filming you can really try a trick however many times you want.

Read the whole interview here:

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Pictures: Niklas Wallner

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