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Tomomi Nishikubo – Ride to Survive

YouTube star Tomomi Nishikubo is known for his creative way of riding bikes. With a strong background in trials riding, the Japanese rider approaches obstacles in a unique way that never ceases to amaze. In “Ride to Survive”, his latest project, Tomomi finds himself stranded on a small, deserted island in Japan. Luckily, his trials bike got washed up there as well. For Tomomi, there isn’t a better tool to explore the island and to go on a trick-filled hunt through the woods, looking for food with lots of creative action along the way.

“The Front Flip off the slackline is the most difficult trick of the video. This is a world’s-first trick, so there is no guideline, no example… I had to imagine the body movements on the slackline system. It took all day to build up and test the slackline. And I landed the trick the next day!” – Tomomi Nishikubo

Building most of the obstacles all by himself, the Japanese dedicated the entire summer to bring his new project to life. Accompanied by two filmmakers, Daisuke Yamasaki & Jidai Malakar as well as photographer Naoki Morita, Tomomi had a brilliant time filming for this video and even managed to catch a fish with the help of his improvised fishing rod, which in his words was “the most delicious fish I ever had”.

If you want to find out more about the process behind the work for Ride to Survive, keep your eyes peeled on Tomomi´s YouTube channel to not miss out on the deep dive Behind-The-Scenes video, which will be going live in the upcoming weeks.

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Photos by Naoki Morita.

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