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Thomas Genon & Tomas Lemoine ready to fight at the Crankworx 2021 opening in Innsbruck this week

It’s finally time for contests again! After hosting the last Crankworx event of 2020, Innsbruck will welcome the world’s best riders in the world once again for their first contest of 2021 this week. Among them will be the all-round talent Tomas Lemoine and the legend Thomas Genon, aka Tommy G. We put some questions to the two Canyon Collective riders on their objectives and how they feel ahead of their official return to competition.

How do you feel about coming back to Crankworx?

Tomas Lemoine: I can’t wait to ride again. We’ve used this long off-season to ride a lot more than the previous years, when traveling took a lot of time. Innsbruck was the last competition in 2020 and it’s also the first in 2021 so there is a little bit of wonder: who will execute new tricks, new runs? In any case, I can’t wait to be there and see how I’ll feel.

Thomas Genon: I’ve been feeling very well on the bike for the past weeks. I’m extremely happy to be returning to competition!

Thomas Genon during last year’s Crankworx Innsbruck
How did your preparations go?

Tomas Lemoine: I don’t really have a specific preparation for events. I always try to stay consistent all year long. I noticed that the more I ride, the better I feel on my bike, no matter the environment. I also listen to what my body tells me, resting when I feel it’s necessary. Physically, I’m feeling even better prepared than usual, we’ll see!

Thomas Genon: My preparation went really well. This year, the modified calendar has given us way more time than usual to prepare for Crankworx, I think it’s great!

What are your main goals for 2021?

Tomas Lemoine: My final objective will be to be on the podium and win medals. But before anything, I want to stay relaxed and not put pressure on myself. I just want to ride and listen to my body. If everything goes well and I pull good runs, I’ll already be very happy. If then I manage to land on the podium, it will be the cherry on the cake. My goal is to stay focused and motivated during the whole season, never giving up!

Thomas Genon: My focus will be to enjoy riding, have fun with everyone and make the most out of the travel opportunities we will get. On contests, I want to be as consistent as possible.

Tomas Lemoine celebrating the second place in the 2020 Slopestyle Contest at Crankworx Innsbruck.

In Innsbruck, they will face the best Slopestyle riders in the world – like Emil Johansson, Erik Fedko or Max Fredriksson – once again. Tomas Lemoine will have a busy week, taking part in the Dual Slalom and Pump Track Challenge on Thursday, Speed & Style on Friday and Slopestyle on Saturday. Thomas Genon will probably ride the European Whip-off Championships on Wednesday, and then focus on Speed & Style and Slopestyle.

Crankworx Innsbruck will be broadcast live and for free on Red Bull TV from Thursday to Sunday:  


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Pictures: Sebastian Sternemann

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