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Thomas Genon: The Art of MTB

Last year Tommy G teamed up with French photographer and Red Bull Illume winner JB Liautard for a very special photography project. Their goal was to produce a series of really spectacular and outstanding pictures with Tommy G in the focus, with a twist: No classical bike action shots, but photographs with an artful approach. The now published behind-the-scenes clip gives a unique insight into the creative mind of this Belgian-French-combo.


Photography Highlights from “The Art of MTB”:

“It’s been quite a while that we know each other. JB has been killing it in the last years and his pictures always stand out to me. I saw him work with our friend Paul Couderc. Those pictures were awesome but nobody had a clue how they made it happen. That lead me to the idea of calling him and we quickly jumped into this project. Pictures are great and very complicated to take. There so much happening behind the scenes, the lights, the spot, the trick,… and JB had so many greats ideas and that got me really motivated to try something different!” – Thomas Genon

“The most difficult one was the water droplets picture. It took me a whole year to understand how to make the concept work perfectly. I did some tries with other riders earlier this year but the setup wasn’t good enough and I didn’t have any result. We did this picture at the end of a big day of shooting so it was also a physical and mental challenge to wait for the perfect picture when everyone wanted to go home and sleep.” – JB Liautard

For more information about this extraordinary project and a lot more awesome photographs please visit:

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All Pictures by JB Liautard

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