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T and T Park Sesh – Thomas Genon & Tomas Lemoine Destroying a Skatepark

In the new indoor skatepark clip “T and T Park Sesh”, Thomas Genon and Tomas Lemoine challenge their skills at Rough Club, an indoor facility in Valence, France. The video embraces the style of classic BMX park videos. Not only by the iconic fisheye look or music, but also by the almost effortless riding on steep wooden ramps, something you don´t see every day on a 26inch hardtail. The Belgian-French duo utilizes every feature of the skatepark with a unique mix of technical tricks and massive airs, paired with an endless amount of flow. With an eye for detail, “T and T Park Sesh” has created a must watch for all park riding fans.

“I am stoked to be teammate with Tommy G, one of my best riding buddies. When he called me for a private sesh at the park and some filming, I couldn’t say no to that. It’s always fun to play around with G on any kind of spot, we had ideas coming easily and luckily we landed everything we planned to do!” – Tomas Lemoine

“Park riding and filming clips with Lemoine over the winter is what we do a lot. Always a good time!” – Thomas Genon

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