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Johny Salido’s Freeride Fiesta 2021 Highlights

The first Freeride Fiesta at La Soledad Bike Park in Guadalajara, Mexico, is over. One of the highlights, besides huge freeride jumps and impressive tricks, was a group of Mariachi who provided musical accompaniment to the event. Watch the final video of Mexico’s biggest freeride event.

21-year-old Johny Salido fulfilled his year-long dream of creating the biggest freeride track in Mexico by building the Freeride Fiesta course. It took him over five months to build the track and finally organize and host the event with the help of friends and sponsors. This year’s course included seven features: a step-down, a road gap, a hip, another step-down (Speedy Gonzales), a ramp jump, a drop, and a step-up.

Numerous top international athletes were part of the event, such as Bienvenido Aguado, Nicholi Rogatkin, Carson Storch, Ethan Nell and many more. Female freerider Chelsea Kimball showed impressive skills on the bike and was able to compete with the best at Freeride Fiesta and caused a stir in the mountain bike scene. The best trick went to Nicholi Rogatkin who did a remarkable Cash Roll on his big bike.

A Mariachi group – typical Mexican music formation from the state of Jalisco – was also part of the Freeride Fiesta and ensured a cheerful atmosphere and lots of fun. The Mariachi trusted the riders and showed their fearlessness by playing music between the jump and landing while the athletes were jumping over them. Watch the Mariachi here:

Johny Salido:
Organizing Freeride Fiesta was definitely ten times more work than what I expected when it first came to my mind doing an event. Countless hours were spent, both building the course, and getting things organized and ready for the main week! Although it was so much work, it was definitely worth it. I had a crazy week with my buddies from around the world and I can’t wait to do it again in 2022.”

Johny Salido:
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Freeride Fiesta:
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