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RASOULUTION Celebrates it’s 15th Birthday: Velobiz Feature

15 years ago, shortly after Tarek Rasouli successfully organized and hosted his very first bike event called “Ride to the Lake,” RASOULUTION was born and a great amount of event requests followed quickly.

Nowadays, the agency is deeply connected within the biking industry and is on everyone’s mind when when it comes to pushing the mountain bike scene and helping the sport progress. As part of its anniversary, Velobiz made their way to our office in Munich to talk about the history of RASOULUTION, its ups and downs and how the sport has emerged and grown throughout the years.

“We want to help bring athletes into the limelight, stoke the fans and make them ride their bikes, whether on the trails or on pump tracks all around the world – that’s what motivates my team and myself!”

Enjoy the read. Even though it’s in German, we thought it would be a good opportunity for you to expand your language skills. 

Photos by Yorick Carroux.

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