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Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw cruising in Wales and Scotland

Back in the summer of 2021, with news of their first Drop and Roll shows in two years on the horizon, Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw decided to dust off the tour bus, load up the trials bikes and head out for a couple of days. The two friends explored what riding the Welsh coast had to offer, before then travelling north to more familiar sights on the shores of Scotland.

Shot 100% on GoPro “Cruising Vol 1” takes you along for the ride as Danny MacAskill and Duncan Shaw visit the shores of North Wales and places like Abergele and Llandudno in the search for some new spots to explore on their trials bikes. Moving north, the crew swapped the Welsh coast for the northeast coast of Scotland in Morayshire starting with an abandoned sea swimming pool in Tarlair before riding Macduff Harbour, Cullen Harbour and then riding the well-known Cullen viaduct.

Duncan Shaw gave us some insights about the last months:

How did the pandemic affect the Drop and Roll shows and the people around it? What were you guys up to in the last 1.5 years?

Duncan Shaw: It has been a weird one for sure and we have definitely missed being out on the road and in front of the crowds. Luckily, we have had lots of trails to ride and plenty of trials riding in the garden to keep us busy and keep up the skills. 

You were finally able to have shows at Eurobike, at Area 47, in Sölden and at the EWS finals. How was that – being able to travel again and being back in front of an audience?

Duncan Shaw: It was so good to be back on the road with the team and it was even better to finally be back doing shows in front of some awesome crowds. We were a bit worried that we would all be a bit rusty, but the crowds helped us get over that and after the first show we felt up to speed again. Eurobike was just as busy if not busier in terms of spectators than before, Austria was great as always and we even managed to get some time riding the trails at Sölden. It was especially nice to be back doing shows in Scotland as even before the pandemic we don’t get a chance to do as many in Scotland as we would like. In typical Scottish fashion, the weather was cold and wet, and we were worried that no one was going to show up, but the hardy Scottish fans came out in droves and watched the shows in the rain.  

By watching the latest clip you can really tell that you guys are having fun any day you are out on the bikes. What’s the difference in between riding with friends only and riding in front of a cheering crowd? 

Duncan Shaw: It definitely feels different. Sometimes it is hard to get going when riding by yourself, but when you have big crowds cheering you on, it totally helps to get you going!  

Are there any plans to release more video content from Drop and Roll in the future?

Duncan Shaw: Yes, we actually filmed a lot of content when we were on tour over the past 4 weeks across Germany, France, Austria and finally Scotland so expect a video of that to drop in a few weeks. 

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Photo credit: Drop and Roll/ Rory Semple.

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