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BRANDS – Entering a whole new discipline, how we helped Fizik make their mark on the MTB Gravity world.

2021 has been an exciting and successful year for Fizik with the launch of their brand new downhill focused Gravita shoe. A historically road-oriented brand, Fizik knew seducing a very different target audience would be challenging. We are proud to have been able to use our MTB market knowledge to guide them to success.

ATHLETES – Generating reach by partnering with some of the most famous MTB athletes

Preparing for their big 2021 reveal, Fizik approached us at the end of 2020 looking for marketing expertise in the MTB field. We offered to guide them through those first steps in the MTB gravity scene. We initially focused on two areas: marketing strategy and athletes.

For an ambitious high-end brand like Fizik, it was all about building credibility among the target audience: core gravity mountain bikers. To get there, we created a portfolio of potential top-level athletes, from content creators to professional racers, in order to maximize the number of different touchpoints between the brand and its customer targets.

RASOULUTION lead the negotiations and a within just a few months Fizik started partnerships with the likes of Thibaut Daprela – who went on to win a DH World Cup in July, Gabriel Wibmer, Remy Metailler, Marcelo Gutierrez, Paula Zibasa, Marina Zechner and Micayla Gatto.

PR & MARKETING ACTIVATIONS – Putting existing partnerships to the service of a product launch

Building up on those partnerships, RASOULUTION and Fizik worked on optimising them through varied marketing activations.

Just a few weeks after the Gravita reveal, RASOULUTION and Fizik worked together on the idea of a B2C oriented design contest. End consumers all around the world would have the possibility to create their own Gravita design, submit it and win the actual shoe with their own personal design. Aditionally Thibaut Daprela would choose the winner and wear the unique model on the World Cup circuit in 2022.

The activation was a great success. Following our advice, Fizik teamed up with Pinkbike, the biggest MTB medium out there, to host the contest. Added to Fizik and Daprela’s personal communications, this lead to the submission of dozens of designs and thousands of people interacting with the brand. Entries are now closed but the winner is to be announced in the coming weeks, with Thibaut Daprela showing the shoe to the world on the Lourdes World Cup stage in April, guaranteeing further publicity and brand activation, long after the end of the contest.

Photos by Stephan Wibmer.

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