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Awesome tricks wearing new kicks – Fabio Wibmer puts his new Crankbrothers signature shoes to good use

Austrian bike and YouTube star Fabio Wibmer is known for breathtaking videos packed with spectacular action and finest bike artistry. Whereas Fabio uses different bikes for different occasions, there is only one shoe that connects his foot with his bike. Whether it’s huge jumps on the big bike or sketchy lines with his Trials prototype, Fabio always wears his new Crankbrothers Stamp signature shoe. To see that he already puts it to good use, tune in for the new video “Crankbrothers X Fabio Wibmer: New Shoe Day”:

To present his new kicks Fabio takes us on a street trials tour around his hometown Innsbruck. Kicking off the session at the famous Landhausplatz, he visits his favorite spots around the city showing the finest technical trials riding on his mountain and trials bike, before heading to the nearby Crankworx site to send the contest’s Whip-Off jump a few times and closing the video with his signature handle bar ride after showing an insanely long manual. With shifting settings, bikes, helmets and even clothes, the video only has two constants: Fabio himself and his all new Crankbrothers Stamp Lace White / Fabio Wibmer Edition signature shoe.

“I am super stoked about this shoe and more than happy that there is finally an all-white flat pedal shoe on the market. It’s a perfect allround shoe, that I use for everything that I do on the bike – as you can see in the video.” – Fabio Wibmer

The flat pedal shoe with the clean white look perfectly blends in with the 25-year-old’s style. Being one of four styles of Crankbrothers’ recently launched Stamp Lace model, the shoe’s high-friction rubber compound provides optimal grip and its lug depth absorbs the pins to ensure a secure pedal connection. With an outsole optimized for the Crankbrothers Stamp pedal body, this shoe is the perfect fit for Fabio’s future trials and big bike adventures.

For more information on the Crankbrothers Stamp Lace White / Fabio Wibmer Edition signature shoe please visit:

The new Fabio Wibmer signature model as well as the other new Crankbrothers mountain bike shoes are available at your local bike or sports retailer.

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